Simple Steps to Get Back Erased Files of WD My Passport External Drive

Have you accidentally lost all the files or data of WD My Passport External hard drive? Have you tried to get them back manually but ended up with failure? Does the malware infection has damaged your important files? Do you want to know the best way to restore permanently deleted files of Mac? If your response is positive to all these questions and wants to get back the files quickly then you are suggested to follow the guidelines which are given in the post below. It will definitely sole your issue.

Brief Information about WD My Passport External Drive:-

As you know, Mac is one of the reliable operating system which is extremely popular among the users. It not only enhances the working experience of the users but also provides huge storage capacity to store their important files. Many users also makes use of External hard drive to save the files which is easy to carry anywhere. Among various drives, WD My Passport External hard drive has recently gained popularity among the users. WD stands for Western Digital which is recognized as one of the highest selling external drive brand. It supports best data transfer speed and has 4TB storage capacity. Additionally, it supports the feature of cloud storage and 256-AES encryption to keep the data safe for long time.

Main Causes of Data Loss from WD My Passport Drive:-

Users need to know that data loss situation can happen due to various factors and makes your files completely inaccessible. The main points has been mentioned below:-

Virus Infection: If you will connect your external drive with different PCs without proper scanning then it is possible that harmful malware can enter secretly and damage all the saved files or data.

Formatting of the Drive: Sometimes, user requires to format their drive when it is not working properly. If you will proceed without keeping the backup then it can make you suffer from data loss situation.

Interruption during File Transfer: When you will proceed to transfer the files from hard drive to external drive and any interruption occurs then it can result dangerous for the files.

Ejecting Unsafely: Many user pulls out the external drive after using in the PC. If you will not eject the drive safely then saved files or data can become inaccessible.

Accidental Deletion: Users stores different types of files in the external drive which occupies huge space. At the time of removing the suspicious data, you may select important files also. It is the biggest cause behind data loss situation.

Manual Ways to Get Back Lost Data of WD My Passport Drive:-

File loss situation is extremely annoying for the users but it is possible at anytime. If you are also facing the same situation then we recommend you to follow the manual steps which has been given below:-

Restore from Backup: If you have created the backup copy of your important files then you can easily restore from such locations to get back your data.

Recover from Time Machine Backup: Mac supports Time Machine feature which is used to store the backup of the files on a regular basis. If you have enabled the feature then you can easily get back your lost.

Download from Original Source: If you know the exact location of the files from where you have downloaded it then visit the site again to download the data.

Point to Remember: You need to know that manual method will work when you have stored the backup copy of the files. In case of no backup, it is impossible to get back your permanently deleted files manually.

Automatic Way to Restore Deleted Data of WD My Passport:-

If you have lost your important files from WD My Passport external drive and wants to get them back easily then you are suggested to make use of Mac Data Recovery Software. It is one the popular tool which has been designed by using high level mechanisms and powerful algorithms. It is capable to conduct full scanning in the PC to find all the lost, damaged, corrupted or even permanently deleted files. After successful scanning, it will display preview of the recovered data and allows the users to users to save them at your desired location. This tool is compatible with different versions of Mac operating system. Due to its user-friendly interface, it can be used by professionals as well as beginners. So, don't make any delay in downloading the trial version of the tool without wasting a single moment.

Prevention Tips to Avoid Data Loss from WD My Passport Drive in Future:-

Data loss is completely an annoying situation which nobody wants to face with their files. You need to know that it mostly happen due to silly mistakes of the users. If you will take little prevention then you can avoid such situations in future. Some of the common precautions which should be taken by the users has been mentioned below:-

  • Don't eject the external drive unsafely.

  • Before using in the system, you need to scan the drive properly.

  • Try to protect the drive from virus infectiion.

  • Do not store data larger than its storage capacity.

  • Always save the backup copy of your important files at different locations.

  • Try to avoid abrupt termination of the PC when drive is in use.

  • Don't interrupt during the file transfer process.