Fix Time Capsule Error code 6584 in Mac

LMac being one of the widely used operating system has many features and techniques which allow user to keep their data safe. With many security measures involved Mac has created one of the best and secured operating platform for both professionals as well as general user. Time Capsule is one such function provided in the Mac which solves the issue of backing up the data and files on regular basis for both home users as well as professionals. With the help of time capsule you can save the data automatically, wirelessly and there is no need for the manual backup of data. With the help of this external hard drive you can easily save your files. But sometimes it gets frustrating to save the files and back them up with the help of this feature provided by Apple due to erupting errors. Time Capsule Error code 6584 is one such error experienced by users while backing up their data with the error messages like: -

"The backup disk is not available."


"The backup disk image "/Volumes/Data/mycomputername.sparsebundle" could not be accessed (error -1)."

After eruption of these errors when you try to enter into your time machine, it become inaccessible with the error message like: -

“An unexpected error occurred (error code -6584).”

With these error messages it become impossible for the user to back up their files and their time machine become inaccessible. Time capsule and time machine is used by general as well as professional user to back up their data and files and it get extremely important to fix this Time Capsule Error code 6584. You can try fixing this error by resetting your time capsule through preferences or by verifying the backups. It might happen due to the damaged backups or corrupted preferences files. So in order to correct this error you need to fix these files.

If the Time Capsule Error code 6584 persists there might be some damage in the device or the application. In order to fix such damage you need to format your device and install the entire files again. While formatting your application you will loose your entire backed up files and data and in order to recover them back it is important to use Macbook data recovery software. With the help of this easy to use application you can easily recover the files that have been lost, damaged or erased while fixing the time capsule error of mac.

System Requirements

Processor: Intel Power PC (G4 or later)

Operating System: OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard, 10.4 Tiger, and 10.3.9 Panther

Memory: 256 MB

Hard Disk: 40Mb