Easy Steps to Recover Overwritten files of Mac PC

I have created a presentation for my important project. Yesterday, I have emailed it to my friend for some modification. Today, he sent me the updated files. When I downloading the file at same location then it displayed that File already exists. Do you want to replace it then I clicked on Yes button. It overwritten the file but I have also performed some modification after sending the mail. I want to get back my overwritten file at any cost. Please help me to get it back easily in simple way. Thank you so much in advance.

Mac is recognized as one of the best operating system which is used to perform different types of activities. It is a product of Apple Inc. which is popularly known for its advanced features and functions. It is extremely popular among the users due to its fastest speed and graphical user interface. Mac PC also provides huge space to save the important files of users and keep them secure for long time. But many people loses their data due to overwriting the file. Sometimes, when you will attempt to save the file with the duplicate file name then it will ask you to replace the stored file. If you will proceed by pressing Yes button then it will overwrite the file. In such a case, you will lose the previous stored file. It can be frustrating if you lose any important file during overwriting.

Common Causes Behind Data Loss Situations;-

Apart from overwriting, there are many factors which are responsible for loss of important files from Mac operating system. The important points has been given below:-

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes user selects the important files while removing the unwanted documents. If you will press Shift + Del keys together then you will lose all the data permanently.

Formatting the Drive: Many times, user cleans their drive by formatting it completely. If you will proceed to format the system even without saving the backup on other location then you can lose your important files.

Virus Infection: It is quite a common reason for the corruption of important files or documents in the system. So, you need to protect your system from such attacks to avoid data loss situations.

Abrupt Termination of the system: Due to power sabotage, sometimes the Mac PC gets terminated when you are performing your important task. It will result dangerous for the opened files and they can become inaccessible.

Error in TransferringF iles: If you attempt to transfer the files from one location to another and in the meanwhile if any interruption occur then it will corrupt your data severely and makes them completely inaccessible.

Tips to Avoid Data Loss Situations in Future:-

If you will take some precautions then you can decrease the chances of losing your important files. The main points has been given below:-

  • Do not download infected files from unreliable sites.

  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links

  • Always scan your PC with updated anti-virus at regular intervals.

  • Always read the EULA before installing free programs.

  • Do not open spam emails attachments send by unknown person.

  • Avoid file sharing of P2P networks and social networking sites.

  • Scan any removable devices properly before using in the PC.

  • Always enable Windows Firewall alert.

How to Get Back Overwritten Files Using Time Machine?

Users need to know that Mac operating system comes with Time Machine feature which is capable to create the backup of all the saved files. In case of data loss, you can get back your files easily. To restore files from Time Machine, you need to follow the steps which are given below:-

Step 1: In the Mac OS, you need to open Time Machine.

Step 2: From the Backup drive, you need to find your file name.

Step 3: If you want to see the preview then you need to press Space bar key.

Step 4: Select all the files which you want to restore from Time Machine.

Step 5: Finally, click on Restore option.

Point to Remember: In order to recover data from Time Machine, you need to enable the feature in your system. If it is disabled then you will not be able to get back your lost, corrupted, deleted, encrypted or overwritten data.

How to Restore Files after Overwriting Issue in Mac PC?

No need to panic now if you have overwritten your important files. In order to get it in easiest way, we suggest the users to make use of Mac Data Recovery Software. It is one of the best tool which has been designed by the technical experts to resolve such issues. This tool is capable to conduct deep scanning in the system with the help of its high level mechanisms and algorithms. After successful scanning, it will display the preview of the detected files. You can select the files which you want to restore and save them at your desired location. The best part of the software is that it comes with user-friendly interface which helps the non-technical users to handle it effectively. You can check its working efficiency by downloading the trial version. Once you are satisfied with its features then you can buy the full version of the tool.