Recover MS Excel Files on Mac System

Hey! I am looking for the best way to recover Microsoft Excel data files on Mac system. Last night, when I worked on an Excel Sheet documents then sudden my system got terminated due to power failure. After that, whenever I try to open the excel sheet then all files were found to be inaccessible. Actually, it Is a terrible moment for me personally. I have no idea about its recovery. If you have any idea then please help me. All the help will be highly appreciated.

Microsoft Excel documents are the very popular as well as very important spreadsheet for the MS Workplace suite. It widely uses the store for important information for example project reviews, financial reviews, organization methods, and others. This applies to solid functions such as sorting, arranging data, but sometimes you may need to recover MS Excel Files on a Mac. An excel sheet can be very important to you. In case, it gets deleted or corrupted from the system then it becomes great difficulties for you. Usually, excel file data are used in everyday life. When these files get corrupted or deleted due to unintentional formatting, software and hardware failure documents corruption, OS reinstallation, incorrect operation and so on. It is the very difficult moment for you because excel data are very important for you in many ways. Although allocated files are deleted, technically it is far from completely removed from the hard disk. You can recover Microsoft stand Out files on a Mac using a good recovery tool.

Some common Error Message Appears the screen after excel file corruption.

  • errAENoSuchObject = -1728

  • afpCatalogChanged = -5037

  • fidNotFound = -1300 no file thread exists.

  • a ATSUTextLayout object that has no styleRuns associated with it.

  • telCANotDeflectable = -10082 CA not “deflectable”

  • errFSRefsDifferent = -1420 FSCompareFSRefs;

  • refs are for different objects

  • telInitFailed = -10107 initialization failed

  • routines ATSUFONDtoFontID() and ATSUFontIDtoFOND()

Mac System is considered as the most reliable and secure operating system as compared to the other operating system. But still, some users reported that their Microsoft Excel sheet gets corrupts or deleted due to unexpected reasons. Let's discuss the causes for the excel sheet corruption.

Some common Causes for the Excel sheet corruption in Mac system

  • There are various reasons that are responsible for the excel sheet corruption. This problem creates a panic situation in your mind. Some of the common reasons are explained below:

    • Corruption in the header file: The most crucial file of any document is the header files. it stores all the information about the document that you are about to access. But sometimes this file is corrupted and leads to the problem of MS Excel files damaged on a Mac.

    • Virus Attack: as we know that, the mac system is free of viruses. but this is not the case there is a Mac virus that can lead to significant losses in your system. Downloading files from suspicious sources or using pen drive without validation are the main reasons for the corruption of Excel file from Mac system.

    • Formatting by Accident: Sometimes we are lost somewhere and just click the format button and later understand what we did. This may be the root cause of the deletion or corruption of Excel sheet file on Mac System

    • Read/Write operation interruption: There is the high chance when we interrupt in the midway of the operation of read/write that may cause corruption in MS Excel data.

    • Power Failure: Occasionally, an unexpected corruption of Mac file occurs due to a sudden power failure. This results in the sudden termination of programs that cause huge data loss in Mac.

    • Human problem: Accidentally there is a chance that you are removing your mac files or formatting your Mac hard disk and volumes. This can happen to anyone while the system is running.

    • Bios Setting modifications: sometimes, we change the BIOS setting that causes the corruption in the excel files. We are not an expert in the BIOS settings, and this may lead to problems that could lead to Mac data loss.

    • Boot Sector Problem: There are many programs that are specially designed to create problems in your system. If you install any application or program without verifying its source, this could lead to the corruption in MS Excel file on Mac System.

    • Software or Hardware issues: Any Hardware or Software failure may result in the loss or damage to the data on the Mac. As mentioned above, we learned about the various methods that are responsible for the loss of Mac data and damage to Mac data. This will help you in determining the correct reason for mac data being inaccessible.

    How to get rid of this problem manually

    If you are facing corruption and deletion of MS Excel data then you should follow the steps given below:

    • Step 1: Search "Disk Utility" and run it

    • Step 2: Always check "check file system"

    • Step 3: See that the scanning process is complete

    • Step 4: Mount it by selecting the desired file

    Manual Methods are not advised for the novice users because a slight mistake can cause a huge problem in Mac system. So, it is highly recommended for you to go through the Mac Data Recovery Software.

    About Mac Data Recovery Software

    If you are facing MS Excel file loss then Mac Data Recovery Software will help you. It is the best, simple and professional tool that can efficiently recover all the lost data from Mac. This tool is capable of recovering data from all situation whether it is a physical and logical problem. It has a powerful scanning algorithm to scan the whole system and recover the files. The software has the GUI Interface the make the software easy to use for non-technical users. The best part of this software is that it does not compromise with the quality of the recovered file and store it at the users desired location. The trial version of the software is available for free. But one thing you must keep in mind that the trial version has some limitation. As it only shows the preview of the recovered files does not allow to save them. If you want to save then you have to purchase the license version.

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