How to Recover Mac Files From a Corrupt Disk

Mac operating system is considered as the most securable and reliable operating system than another operating system. it has many useful features which intact the user. its full form is Macintosh operating system designed by apple inc. it has own platform through which user can download, install and update the software. it designs and operates only mac series computer. initially, it was a system software. Several version of the Mac operating system is available like 128k Mac, Mac OS.

An SSD(Solid-state drive) is a nonvolatile storage media. it stored data in the solid flash has made up of two types of component flash controller and NAND flash memory chip. Its architecture is design to configure and control the high speed read and write performance in both sequential and random request.

When the Mac drive is corrupted, the data stored the drive is inaccessible .the corrupted hard drive stop responding to your commands. which will create a critical situation for loosing of data. the corrupted drive doesn't work well. it can't accessible and the data stored in the drive is also not accessible. it displayed an error message while the drive is corrupted mention below

  • invalid media type reading drive: fail, retry, abort?

  • The file system displayed as “RAW”

  • file name contains “weird” characters

  • “sector not found” message

  • “do you want to format the drive”

the corrupted drive also contains many useful files or folder and you want to recover it instantly. there are many caused before the corruption of the drive which will produce the unexpected problem make fear of data loss are given below

virus attack: as we all know that mac is the most trusted and reliable operating system but sometimes it also not skip from virus attack .virus is an unwanted freeware which entered in our system during the downloading of freeware and spam corrupted the partition of the drive makes the file inaccessible.

Power failure: sometimes power failure make the cause of drive corruption. the power cut out continuously when you stored the file on the drive.

Header file corruption: as we know that header file contains the entire information of the file .if any problem to accessing the header file data inside the drive is inaccessible.

As we all know from above about the cause and symptoms of drive corruption. now we want to restore drive or recover the file from the corrupted drive. there are many processes to repair or restore the drive .we have both methods manually or with the help of software. if your hard drive has any problem and you know about it before mechanical failure. you want to open the drive again if it inaccessible then follow the steps below

  • open the disk utilities

  • click the disk drive where you want to repair from the list of the drive then click 'First Aid'

  • you will see the message indicate the first aid will check the volume error, then repair the volume if necessary.

  • During this process disk utilities ,it check the all possible issued then solve it if required

these are the manual system through which we can recover or repair the drive .but sometimes the manual process is not sufficient for the restoring the drive, then we required a software to solve the problem. we have stellar data recovery software for mac. This software easily downloaded from the website and install it into your system. This software recovered the data in just three clicks 'select','scan' and 'recover' .this is a very useful software for data recovery which has many features given below.

  • Recovered files from trash and any other location

  • recovered data from the formatted drive or deleted drive partition

  • APFS,HFS+,HFS,NTFS,ex-FAT AND FAT based partition recovery of the data

  • Recovered data from RAW, unallocated, and free volume partitions

  • restore data from the corrupted disk drive

  • it has also facilities of secure recovery, bad sector scan

  • recovered data from the corrupted volume or drive with bad sector

To restore your crucial data from the drive volume follow these steps

  • Downloads and install the stellar data recovery software for mac

  • Run the software and choose the files you want to recover and then click “NEXT”

  • select the affected drive or drive partition from the listed option and click the “SCAN” button

  • If the partition drive is not find or visible follow these steps

  • choose “can't find volume and click 'SCAN'

  • select the drive from the list contained the corrupted partition which is not visible and then click ' Search' the software searches for the partition information on the list of the drive under 'partition found ' list

  • if the desire partition is not found in searches then click the 'deep scan ' button

  • select the partition and click the 'scan'

  • after the scan, the software display the lists recovered files and the folder in the left pane

In the case of result not found in the scan results you can run 'deep scan' by clicking 'click here' link at the button of the software window

  • you can sort data based on the file list classic list or deleted list. further, you can use searches and sort the result based on the file name, type, size of the file, creation date and the date of modification.

  • Click on the files its preview before saving

  • then select the file you want to recover and click the 'recover button

  • click browse and choose the location where you wish to save the selected files and folder

  • click 'save' and wait for the software to save your recovered files from the corrupted files or corrupted mac drive partition to your favorite location

It very difficult to restore the files from the corrupted mac drive or partition when it contains lots of data. disk utilities can't repair the corrupted mac drive or partition completely. hence we required this recovery software. this software easy to operate and does not required more knowledge to operate this software. it is more user-friendly than other software.