Best Guide to Recover Corrupted Zip Files from Mac System

It is definitely an annoying situation when you are unable to open your important zip archive because it is corrupted or damaged. You can not find it everywhere because the Zip File gets corrupted. In this article, I'm going to provide you with a quick guide on how to recover a .zip file, if it is corrupted. so please read this article carefully and follow the instruction in order to recover the corrupted zip files.

Mac system is considered the best working system in all over the world. When you are using Mac system, you definitely compress files into Zip Archive for various purpose such as emailing, storing, maintain backups, and saving space on hard drive. But it is such a life that if something went wrong, it may end up, and you will be left with a corrupted archive of Zip File that does not seem to open.

What is a Zip file?

The zip file is a file format that is used to compress and archive data. A Zip file sometimes called as "archive" files. This file looks like data contained as they contain one or more files or folder in Compressed form. When compressing a file, you take up less disk space than an uncompressed file. Large files and folders are compressed when they are emailed. Zip files can be protected by unauthorized users by setting a password for it. Zip file reaches three things, they are listed below:

  • It combines one or more files into one container

  • It compresses content by 90% less

  • It can provide an optional lock for the password on its contents

In this technological era, everyone uses the Internet to transfer their digital data. These can be your official data, such as PowerPoint presentations, text documents, spreadsheets, and application files, etc. This can be your personal data, such as the latest videos, interesting games, family photos, melodious audio recordings, and more. However, before the invention of zip-files, transmitting a large amount of data was virtually impossible on the Internet. But this disadvantage was fixed by the invention of Zip file format since these files allow you to transfer a huge amount of files and folders across the network in compressed form. Because of this, these files are largely used by professional and unprofessional to transfer, store, and maintained their data on the Mac system. Since Zip File Contain a huge file in compressed format and it is very important for all. Losing Zip Files might create a headache for you. There are various circumstances under which the Zip files gets corrupts and Damaged. Let's discuss the causes.

Common Scenario under which Zip Files Get Corrupts

There are various circumstances under which Zip files get corrupts and damaged. Some of the Common causes are discussed below:

  • Accidental Deletion of Zip File by pressing “Delete All” Button.

  • Mac OS Failure: Although it is assumed that Mac is the most reliable and secure operating system, sometimes due to impossible interruptions, it may fail or crashed and make all data inaccessible, including your Zip files.

  • Unsuccessful Zip transfer: Most Mac users convert their files to zipping while transferring data to a USB drive from a Mac because it takes less time than usual. However, removing a USB drive may result in loss of Zip file.

  • Power Surge: This may cause the Zip file to be lost on a Mac. Let's think, you work with your Zip achieve, and suddenly you Mac System got terminated because of the power supply. This improper termination may lead to the Zip Corruption on Mac.

  • Emptying the Trash without checking Zip files in it

  • Zip files can be deleted by third-party programs, such as a virus or malicious software.

Some common Zip file Errors of Mac are:

Zip files are most commonly used by people to transfer compressed files across two systems. Some of the common error that peoples encounter while working with ZIP files:

  • Unable to complete an operation. Access Denied

  • Compressed (Zipped Folder) is invalid or corrupted.

  • An archive is unknown or corrupted.

  • Mac-Zip Self Extractor header is corrupted. The possible cause for the incorrect file or file transfer error.

  • Unable to open Zip file is invalid

  • Unable to finish extraction

  • Unable to open file as archive

  • The file type cannot be accepted

  • Unsupported method

  • Mac cannot open the folder.

These are errors that disrupt the proper work of the zip file and lead to people with the only option to recover the zip file.

Zip files play a very important role in technical work, but what you need to do if the ZIP file is corrupted. In this case, you have two important options, just like other recovery processes. the first is a manual method and the second is the third-party tool.

The manual recovery method to repair a corrupted Zip file on a Mac is never easy and you need to be technically sound to recover Mac files using this method. Even a small mistake can lead to a huge problem with your Mac system. So, for a beginner, it's always advisable to go through the third-party tool called Mac data recovery tool to Repair Zip file on Mac System.

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