Resolve “MacBook pro quits unexpectedly” problems

MacBook Pro is a highly popular and demanding brand new computer that has been ever made. It has several things which are worth-adoring like it has extraordinary graphics, resolution and processing features. But very often while using your macbook you might encounter certain problems due to one or other reasons. Manytimes while shutting down or restarting your system, you have encountered error messages. You will also find that the application skype unexpectedly quits and when you try to reopen an application it fails. If your Macbook pro quits unexpectedly, it can be a font problem. Some fonts are found to be problematic with Macbook, generally Helvetica Fractions and Times Phonetic. In case these fonts are installed on your system, you should use Font Book for disabling it. You can get help from AppleCare for suggestions on how to disable fonts from font book, especially system fonts. So, if some new fonts have been installed by you, you must disable them first.

It is also possible to remove the corrupted fonts yourself manually by the method of elimination, but it is a tedious process in which you will have to remove the fonts one-at-a-time till all corrupted fonts are detected by you. Other reasons responsible for the occurrence of this error are insufficient disk space or RAM. You should also check if there are any corrupted preferences besides the affected applications. Incorrect startup items, interface modifications and login items are also responsible for causing this error on your Macbook. Cache corruption, permission errors will also lead to problems on your Macbook.

For people who are using archive and Install feature of Mac OS X, they should not use software update for reinstalling the same version of operating system as it may affect multiple applications. They should uninstall all problematic applications and do a fresh new installation. But if these methods fails to resolve the macbook pro quits unexpectedly problem, you will have to format the macbook. But formatting the macbook will erase all your precious data. No need to worry as there are ways to recover your lost mac data by using third-party mac data recovery tools. These tools does not demand any sound technical skills as they has highly interactive and user friendly interface.

System Requirements

Processor: Intel Power PC (G4 or later)

Operating System: OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard, 10.4 Tiger, and 10.3.9 Panther

Memory: 256 MB

Hard Disk: 40Mb