Fix MacBook error code 61

Macbook error 61 is one of the pesky and frustrating error codes that do not allow the MacBook users to perform various operations. Finding the exact cause of this error can surely help you in getting rid of it. Error code 61 is a bad name error that often occurs on the screen. Sometimes error 61 is also called as a bad master directory block error.

Due to this error your MacBook fails to recognize the file names and could not respond properly to the commands given by you. The aforesaid error also stops you from deleting the fonts as whenever you make attempts to do it you are encountered with an error message. It will not allow you to eject the CD whenever you connect it, giving an error message which says that the computer has failed to repair the hard disk. You will also face problems in changing anything about the hard disk and deleting anything due to error code-61.

Macbook drive has its own directory just like any volume or book. In the directory, drive stores all the information based on location of content present in the drive. As a result it will fail as it could not retrieve the data that you were putting in it. Such behaviors may render Macbook inaccessible thereby causing severe data loss situations. If the file system or structure of your hard drive is corrupt, you can also format the drive. But this act is not a secure way to go for as it deletes all the data from the hard drive. You can save your data from getting lost by restoring data from updated back up. But if you have an invalid or corrupt backup, you have to use Macbook data recovery that can easily overcome all your problems. Macbook data recovery is especially designed to recover lost, corrupted or deleted data from Macbook.

System Requirements

Processor: Intel Power PC (G4 or later)

Operating System: OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard, 10.4 Tiger, and 10.3.9 Panther

Memory: 256 MB

Hard Disk: 40Mb