Learn the Process to Get Back Files of ADATA SOLID STATE DRIVE

I have accidentally formatted all the files of ADATA SOLID STATE DRIVE. There were lots of important files which I don't want to lose anymore. I have searched for the backup in the cloud or other location but didn't found anything. Is it possible to recover formatted data from the Adata SSD? Please suggest any powerful recovery software? How can I get back my files in its actual quality. I am eagerly waiting for your response. Thanks a lot in advance.


ADATA SOLID STATE DRIVE is regarded as external hard disk which is popularly used by the Mac users. It comes with high storage capacity in which you can store large amount of data to keep it completely safe. Additionally, it comes with features which will protect your data from theft with the help of its Secure function. It is quite handy which can be carried anywhere easily. It is used by several users due to its various benefits. However, sometimes it is seen that the user loses all the files of ADATA SOLID STATE DRIVE accidentally. In such a case, the files will become inaccessible which is a difficult situation for the users.

How Files Gets Damaged or Deleted from ADATA SOLID STATE DRIVE?

Human Errors: It is one of the common reason for the loss of important data from Mac hard drive. Sometimes, mishandling of the device can results to damage of the saved files.

Virus Attack: If your ADATA SOLID STATE DRIVE gets infected with harmful malware or spyware then it is possible that your files will be erased or gets severely damaged.

Interruption During Read/Write Operation: Many times, user disconnects the device from the system during the file transfer process. It can leads to the damage or corruption of the files.

Unsupported Data: If you will copy unsupported data in the external hard disk then it is possible that all the other store files will get corrupted.

Formatting the Hard Drive: If you will accidentally format the drive without storing the backup at different location then it will result to loss of important data and files.

Power Failure: Many times, the system gets terminated due to power failure when you are accessing the files of ADATA SOLID STATE DRIVE. In such a case, damage of files is possible.

Common Symptoms after Loss of Data from ADATA SOLID STATE DRIVE:-

Once the data of ADATA SOLID STATE DRIVE gets damaged or deleted, you will find some strange activities in the PC. The important points has been mentioned below:-

  • The running speed of the PC and Internet connection will start to degrade gradually.

  • File does not exists error messages will appear on the screen.

  • Some of the installed applications will stop responding.

  • System crashing or freezing will become a regular issue.

  • You may find difficulty in installing new applications in the PC.

How to Protect Data from Being Lost from ADATA SOLID STATE DRIVE?

Nobody wants to face data loss situations. Sometimes, it happens due to silly mistakes of the users. If you will take some precautions then you can easily reduce the chances of file deletion or corruption. We suggest you to follow the steps which are given below:-

  • Do not attach ADATA SOLID STATE DRIVE with the infected devices.

  • Always scan the drive after copying new files.

  • Try to eject the drive properly.

  • Perform scanning process on a regular basis.

  • Try to install latest updates of Mac operating system.

  • Don't download free software from the unreliable sites.

  • Avoid power sabotage or failure when files are in use.

How to Recover Lost Data from ADATA SOLID STATE DRIVE?

If your important file has been damaged and you want to recover it easily then we suggest to follow the steps which are given below:-

  • Find “Disk Utility” in the Mac system and execute it.

  • Search for the option which says “Check File System” and enable it.

  • You will find scanning process on the screen. Wait until the process gets completed.

  • Mount your desired file by selecting them.

Note: It is a manual process which is complex and consumes more time. In fact, it does not provide guarantee to recover all your lost files. It is not suitable for the non-technical users be because you need to have knowledge about the internal files of the PC.

How to Restore Lost Data from ADATA SOLID STATE DRIVE Automatically?

If you have accidentally lost all the files from the external hard drive of Mac then we recommend you to make use of Mac Data Recovery Software. It is an advanced tool which comes with powerful scanning techniques and algorithms. It is capable to run full scan in the PC to detect all the lost, deleted, corrupted, damaged or encrypted files in just few minutes. It will also display the preview of the recovered files and allows the users to store them at their desired location. The best part of the software is that it does not compromise with the files quality and recovers in its original format. It supports user-friendly interface which helps the non-technical users to handle it effectively. The trial version of the software is also available. You can download it now to check its working performance and efficiency.